Orthodontic micro-implants (TADs: Temporary Anchorage Devices) are microscopic titanium screws, which are placed at appropriate cites of the oral cavity in order to provide extra support during the orthodontic movement.

Their development came as a sequence of the dental implants which are used as a replacement of lost natural teeth. The basic difference between TADs and conventional dental implants is that the process of the titanium surface is such that prevents them from integrating into the bone. This means that their use is temporary and after achieving their goal, they are removed. They are also used in order to provide additional bone support so that some teeth can be moved, when the existing support is insufficient. Their placement is simple and it is done in our clinic by the orthodontist, with the use of local anesthetic, while it does not require the creation of an extensive surgical trauma or stitches. TADs are usually left in the oral cavity no longer than 9 months..